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Thailand Business – Is Your Website Nearby?

Thailand is becoming a major destination for internet entrepreneurs of all kinds. Areas such as Chiang Mai have networks, freelancer workplaces, and plenty of facilities for web entrepreneurs to use. However, Thailand is also the destination of many people seeking to change their lives for the better and escape the ‘rat race’ of the west (and other areas of the world). For this reason, if you are doing business in Thailand or Asia, you should also consider moving or setting up your website in Thailand.


Why You Should Host Your Website in Thailand

Thailand has developed quite rapidly in recent years. The infrastructure for fast internet connections is now developed and constantly improving. Modern data-centers are also available in city areas, one of which we use to store and protect our servers. These centers have lots of backups and protection to prevent damage to the servers and to keep your information safe. With these improvements, Thailand can now offer high speed hosting that is reliable and extremely fast for Thailand and Asia. In fact, it performs pretty well even when compared to some of the larger (and often overloaded) international hosting companies, especially when local support and fast responses are factored in.


By hosting your website in Thailand, you have your website closer to your customers. When a high speed server is nearby, you website loads quicker (less distance for information to travel) and this means that more people actually get to see your website before cancelling or clicking another link. A faster local website can lead to more sales and better retention (they read more, as it is fast loading new pages etc.). Here is a quick video about this:


Written by 21st Thailand Web Hosting