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Choose from our wide range and order immediately!

Are the colors of your shoes discolored and do you want to have a nice new look on your feet again? Then you are looking for high-quality leather paint! The Angelus leather paint is strongly recommended. This leather paint is known worldwide for its excellent quality. The result of the dyed leather is elastic, waterproof and flexible, for a durable result. So that your shoes will shine like new again.

Leatherpaint.co.uk is the fastest and cheapest way to buy leather paint from a top brand. Because of its superior properties, we chose the Angelus leather paint product line. A reliable quality brand that has proven its value for generations. We have the entire Angelus range on offer for you.

If you order today, it means tomorrow at home. If the orders are placed before 5:00 pm, the packages are sent the same day. After your order has been sent you will receive a track and trace code from us by email.

Unparalleled quality thanks to more than a hundred years of practical experience. And the lowest price owes you to modern technology. Order directly, without brokering! Please first try out the paint on an inconspicuous place, to test whether you get the desired result.

We supply 76 colors – even in neon and metallic. If desired, mix two or more basic colors into a new shade. Angelus leather paint is ideal for this. Every color shade is possible. The advantages of Angelus leather paint compared to other leather paints is the fact that this leather paint is of excellent quality. In addition, it has very good adhesion. It is elastic, waterproof and does not break. After which the result cannot be distinguished from new!

Need advice on how to treat your precious leather shoes, jackets, boots or chairs? Look at Instructions for Use or mail us. We are happy to advise you!